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Studio/  Gallery located at   7077 Main St. #14  Scottsdale, AZ 85251                                             In Marshall Sq Courtyard 


>>>>Call first for an  appointment    602-576-0406 


Open Every Thursday ART WALK night  6:30-9:00


Under Cards page see events at my  place.  You could have a free event for up to 100 people in our courtyard like Yelp did.  Call for details.



On YouTube under Lori Landis  “Match You Not the Sofa”  “Living Large”

“The Beginning of Light”  “The Roots of a Tree”   On Itunes podcast.   

I have a shop on www.Etsy.com  under LoriLandisArt.  Shows my greeting cards and posters.











Beauty and healing are part of my process.